Street Food at Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2023

Here are the food vendors you will find at the festival this year. They'll all be located in and around Bustler on Freckingham Street for the festival...

Dirty Chicken

Ahoy! It’s your friendly local chicken slingers, James & Jess, providing next level fried chicken!

Dirty Chicken on Facebook

Falafel Baffle

Fresh and tasty Middle Eastern cuisine, made with love. 

Falafel Baffle website


The Asian cuisine truck is back out of retirement and on the street for the festival!

Homeboys on Facebook

Kebab Cartel

Incredible handcrafted Shawarma kebabs and bowls.

Kebab Cartel website

Secret Burger Club

Independent burger crafters, who pride themselves on their next level ingredients and secret methods.

Secret Burger Club on Facebook

Squeaky Beaver Poutine

Responsible for popularising french fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy all across the city.

Squeaky Beaver Poutine on Facebook