NCBW22 Announcement: Modern British Beer with Matthew Curtis

Award-winning beer author, podcaster and founder of Pellicle Magazine Matthew Curtis will be joining us for Nottingham Craft Beer Week 2022...

Modern British Beer 
with Matthew Curtis

When: 7.30pm, Thursday 16 June
Where: The Kilpin Beer Cafe
Price: Free

NOTE: Thanks to everyone who bought advance tickets for this. Your seats will be reserved and at the front of the room with placenames and your complimentary books will be given out to you at the event. We've closed ticket sales now (because we need to order books in advance), but a limited number of extra spaces will also be available on the door for free (just turn up). Although if you want books they will be sold on the night at the RRP of £15.99. 

Matthew Curtis is an award-winning beer writer and author and the co-founder of Pellicle magazine and podcast. Originally from Lincoln, he currently lives in Manchester, having previously spent many years in London where he authored An Opinionated Guide to London Pubs (Hoxton Mini Press, 2021).

This event will centre around his new book Modern British Beer (CAMRA Books, 2021), an insightful and varied look at some of the new and established talents in the British beer scene today. The ticket price includes a complimentary paperback copy, which Matthew will be happy to sign for you on the night.

Modern British Beer on CAMRA Books 
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