NCBW21 Announcement: Smash The Pint-riarchy

We are delighted to announce a panel discussion about women in the beer industry, taking place at Liquid Light’s new taproom, as part of #NCBW21

A panel discussion event themed around women in the beer industry that will take place at Liquid Light’s new taproom.

Panel guests will include:

  • Siobhan Buchanan aka @britishbeergirl; a beer writer who has been using her Instagram and Twitter platforms to collect stories of sexism and discrimination in craft beer, and to the highlight systemic problem of harassment in the hospitality industry.

    ● Jaega Wise; Nottingham-born brewer and founder of the Walthamstow-based Wild Card Brewery. She’s also a Director of SIBA and a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme.

    ● Marianne Hodgkinson a beer industry professional for 10 years and the co-host of the Time At The Bar podcast

    ● Natalie Bullin, the Young Member contact for Nottingham CAMRA

The panel will be chaired by Grace Copley, the co-founder of Nottingham’s Liquid Light Brewery. This event takes place from 7pm on Thursday 18 August 2021. Tickets are £5 each and 100% of the ticket income raised will be donated to Nottingham Women’s Centre. Our thanks to our ticketing partners at Gigantic Tickets for agreeing to waive their booking fee on this occasion. 


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