NCBW20 and NCBF20 Cancellation Statement

Dear Nottingham Craft Beer Lovers, 

How many “with a heavy heart” statements have you already read “in these strange times?” Well, we’re afraid this is another...

Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2020

Our festival at Sneinton Avenues will not be happening this year. We’re obviously gutted about this because we had put together our best ever line-up of breweries, music and food for us all to enjoy. But for various reasons we are unable to put on a festival in 2020 that will be as safe and successful as we would like it to be. Damn you Covid-19! 

However, we’ve now started planning our 2021 event instead and hope to bring back the great breweries, street food and entertainment we had lined-up this year, as well as a few extra surprises.

For those of you who have already bought tickets for the 2020 festival you can either:

  • Request a refund from our friends at Gigantic tickets
  • Keep hold of your ticket for when we announce our 2021 dates, as it will remain valid, even if our admission price increases. We'll notify you as soon as the new dates are announced and if they don't work for you, you'll still have a few weeks to claim a refund. 

Anyone who bought tickets for the tasting sessions at the festival will be automatically refunded for those.

Nottingham Craft Beer Week 2020

What we usually do for Nottingham Craft Beer Week is work with our pubs for a week to put on some amazing events and bring in some world-leading beers and guests for a week. Just before this all started we won the title of ‘Best UK Craft Beer Promotion’ award from SIBA. But, again for obvious reasons, we can't do that this year. 

So instead we are re-focusing our efforts on:

  • Helping to inform our pubs and bars by letting them know how you feel about going back in when they re-open. If you haven’t already please fill out this survey.
  • Working with our pubs and bars as and when they re-open to share important information with you on our website, with our friends at LeftLion and through our social networks.
  • We are also putting together a box of Nottingham’s craft beer with our friends at Brew Cavern, for you to buy and try at home. As well as 12 bottles and cans, it will also contain a few other exclusive goodies. If you would like to know about this as soon as it launches please join the Nottingham Craft Beer mailing list.

All the best from the Nottingham Craft Beer team! See those links below? That's just some of the places where you can buy tasty Nottingham beer until the pubs are back. Sup and support your local scene...

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