Brewers Q&A: Thom Stone, Liquid Light Brewing Company

Nottingham has a beer scene that other cities would envy. Over the last few years especially, Nottingham-based breweries and beer continue to grow and, in celebration of Nottingham's thriving beer culture, we've decided to have a quick chat to some of the brewers that make this city's beer so great. Next up: Thom Stone, Brewer at Liquid Light Brewing Company...

Name one beer you’ve made that everyone should try...
While I love brewing hoppy IPA's and sours, I’m most proud of our dark beers. One of my favourites was our collaboration with Emperors Brewery. We brewed an old recipe of mine and applied the power of the dark side, boosting it to a strength worthy of Senator Palpatine himself. The result was Interstellar Hyperdrive, a 12% Imperial rum and raisin porter. It’s insanely rich with a deep raisin flavour, combined with warmth, spice and vanilla from the rum.

Are there any styles of beer you wish to brew in the future?
Too many to count but I’m most excited to brew our first commercially available DIPA, which we hope to put into cans.

Your brewery was founded on a love of music and beer. Are there any of your beers that you’d pair with certain music genres?
All of our beers pair well with the tracks or albums they reference. However, Into The Void, our coffee porter, which is named after the track from Black Sabbath's Master of Reality, certainly pairs the best. The rich chocolatey flavours of the robust porter base pair perfectly with Iommi's heavy riffs and the coffee hit on the pallet matches Ozzy's frenetic vocals.

What’s it like being a cuckoo brewery?
Cuckoo brewing can be limiting but it’s been very successful for us. This is partly due to how generous and accommodating Magpie Brewery have been. They’ve allowed us to install our own 10bbl conical fermenter in the corner of the brewery. However, we hope to have our own space soon.

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