Font Craftworks

New kids on the block, based down at Meadow Lane near the footy grounds.

Another Notts local and they offer a tasty range of APA, EPA, GPA (grapefruit-infused), Ginger Beer, and their very own lager (LGR). Look out for the bright colours and smiley faces on their packaging.

Beer list (via Untappd)

  • APA

    Font Craftworks - Pale Ale - American, 5.2%

    star star star star_half star_border
  • EPA

    Font Craftworks - Pale Ale - English, 4.5%

    star star star star_half star_border
  • GPA

    Font Craftworks - Pale Ale - International, 4%

    star star star star_half star_border
  • LGR

    Font Craftworks - Lager - Euro, 4.5%

    star star star star_border star_border
  • Notorious BFG

    Font Craftworks - Stout - Other, 4.5%

    star_border star_border star_border star_border star_border
Font Craftworks
17 Meadow lane
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